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Visonic Wireless Outdoor Siren-MCS-730

Visonic Wireless Outdoor Siren-MCS-730

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The MCS-730, powered by 1 or 2 (optional) non-rechargeable batteries, is fully wireless outdoor siren, designed for installation in areas in which wiring action is difficult or impossible. It is compatible with control panels such as PowerMax Pro, PowerMaxComplete, PowerMaxExpress or Visonic newer panels (not compatible with PowerMax+ and PowerMax control panel). 


  •  Siren and strobe light activation: The siren produces a strong alarm noise and emits flashing light to deter intruders and guide police to the site. Notes: The duration of the siren's alarm is controlled from the control panel by setting the "Bell Time" option (refer to alarm system installer guide, par. 4.4) and should be set according to local authorities requirements. The strobe light operates (every 1 second) for 20 minutes after siren stops or until the system is disarmed, whichever occurs first.
  •  2 Types of alarm indication The siren produces different alarm signals for Burglar and Fire.
  •  Squawk indication: Squawk (beep) sounds can be used to indicate alarm system arming (1 squawk) and disarming (2 squawks) by a keyfob (squawk can be enabled from the control panel User menu).
  •  Tamper / supervision failure indication: Siren is equipped with tamper protection, which produces alarm if a burglar attempt to open the siren's cover or remove siren from wall.
  •  Low battery voltage alert The siren reports a low battery message to the alarm system when battery is about to drain. After low voltage is reported, at least 2 siren alarms are possible before the siren is totally inactive.
  • Strobe Light Color: The siren can be purchased with red, blue, amber or transparent lens, according to the desired strobe light color.
  • Siren activity LED: A flashing LED (optional, at the bottom of the siren front panel) indicates siren activity (can be disabled by an internal jumper